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Support4U can add significant value to your IT products and services by providing you with services and support of the highest quality. Support4U is delivered via a combination of three alternative channels depending on the particular situation, each of them employing a remote interface so as to maximise the speed and efficiency of response. Theses services include Remote, Telephone and Email Support/Services.

IT Support

Hardware and Software Support for your computer. Download Amy for Support

ADSL Internet

We have partnered with Axxess Internet to provide you with Uncapped, Capped or Mobile Internet at the best possible rates.

Bulk Email and Bulk SMS

Need to send newsletters, bulk email, accounts remiders, invitations etc. We can send them in one go.

Web Design

Need a website? We can design slim, stylish and resposnisve websites. We can get you started on a website from R300 per annum.


Is your IP being Tracked

July 22,2015

Are you aware that your IP address can be tracked ? If hackers and spammers get hold of your IP address, they can continue monitoring your computer and eventually find ways to steal your information and even your identity. With this in mind are you really safe exposing your IP while surfing the net. [READ MORE]

Downtime from Telkom

July 09,2015

Due to Telkoms new SLA's if you want to switch from Telkom ADSL internet to us then you may experience some down time. This may be from a day to a week. We aplogise for any inconvenience.

Change in Design

July 03,2015

If you are a returning visitor you will notice our new web layout is compatible on all devices, be iphones, tablets, PC or MAC. We are sure you'll enjoy the new experience

ADSL Network Performance

July 1,2015

We are currently experiencing high network demand which is affecting the performance of some of our ADSL services. Clients may experience slower speeds and higher latency on their accounts at certain times when demand is at its highest. A high priority project is under way to increase the network capacity nationally.